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Let’s rock the boat! Caution: music cruises tend to be extremely fun, and can lead to serious bouts of dancing and partying down.

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Barcelona and Ibiza, May 2022

Become a Sailor with Virgin Voyages on the Scarlet Lady! A no kids, no buffets, and no limits kind of cruise for the ultimate Rockstar experience. Sail in style with nine specialty dining areas, group fitness activities, rooftop access, unlimited Wi-Fi and a complimentary in-room bar. Or step it up a notch and sail as a Mega Rockstar! Your suite will include an outdoor shower, music room stocked with guitars and a private lookout at the front of the ship!

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Gig Getaways is a Bellingham Meet Up that specializes in designing travel packages for music enthusiasts. We plan musical getaways for an unforgettable experience! We support the live music industry while helping you connect to your favorite musicians, events, and entertainment.

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